Academic Years

Academic Years

Add Academic Year

1. Add Academic Year
To  Add an Academic Year, Left Click on the Add Button and Refer to Add Academic Year.

General Toolbar

2. General Toolbar
For Adding, Editing,  Removing, Printing, Filtering etc. of Academic Year Records, Refer to  GENERAL TOOLBAR MODULE.

Academic Year

3. Academic Year
The user can change the Current Academic Year by Left Clicking on the Academic Drop Drop Down List Box. Select the required Academic Year from the List by Left Clicking on it.
When the user LOG's Out the last  selected Academic Year will be saved to the User Profile.
Ensure that the correct Academic Year is selected whenever the user Add or Edit Records as the information will be saved to with the current  selected Academic Year.

Is Current

4. Is Current
This is the Current Academic Year that is used for Administration and Academic  record filtering purposes. The Current Academic Year will be setup by the System Administrator. When a New user LOG's On to the system for the first time the Is Current Academic Year will be set to the Is Current Academic Year that was setup by the System Administrator.

General Search Bar

5. General Search Bar
Refer to General Search.
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